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Embrace technology in hospitality

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A couple of months ago, we were away at the beach for a short family holiday. We ventured into a local surf club on a cool early Winters day, looking for some lunch. After grabbing some drinks at the bar, we headed out onto the deck, to enjoy the sunshine and beach views. After a quick look at the menu, I headed back inside to order. A line had formed at the food ordering counter and as I waited, I couldn't help but think that this place really needs to have QR codes on the tables for ordering. While my family was sitting on the deck in the sun, I was inside by myself standing in a line that ended up taking 25 minutes before I finally ordered our lunch. We knew within 2 minutes what we wanted to eat, so why not provide the convenience and efficiency of allowing us to order it then, instead of the best part of half an hour later? I'm certain the surf club would have got another drink order from us in that time, and it would have improved guest experience as I would much rather have been sitting on the deck with the family than standing in a needless line.

At The Brewhouse, we've had QR Code at-table ordering for two years now. Over the past two years, this innovative technology has not only streamlined our operations but has also accounted for a substantial thirty percent of our sales.

With QR code table ordering, we've taken convenience to a whole new level. Guests simply scan the QR code on their tables, giving them instant access to our digital menu, which includes photo's of each dish. Playing Trivia on a Thursday night? Not a worry, you don't have to leave your table and miss out on giving your team the correct answer, just place your order direct from your phone. And we'll bring it to you once it's ready.

Freed from the constant back-and-forth of order taking, our staff can devote more time to ensuring our guests have an unforgettable experience. This has translated into happier customers, positive reviews, and the potential for increased revenue.

Order errors can lead to frustrated customers and wasted resources. QR code table ordering has dramatically reduced this concern for us. Our guests input their orders directly into the system, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication between the table and the kitchen. This precision not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps us minimize food waste and maintain operational efficiency.

One of the most valuable benefits of QR code table ordering is the data it provides. Twelve months ago, we changed from a QR Code system integrated with our Point of Sale, to QR Codes that link directly to our website. Having access to real-time insights into customer preferences, popular menu items, and peak ordering times has been a game-changer. Armed with this information, we can tailor our offerings, devise strategic marketing campaigns, and make informed business decisions that resonate with our clientele. This has not only improved our bottom line but also fostered stronger customer loyalty. In fact, it has even allowed us to roll out a customer loyalty program straight from our website.

Adding this to the fact that we also take all of our Table Reservations directly from our website and this has made our website (where we own one hundred percent of the content and data) our most valuable tool in our entire business.

The journey with QR code table ordering at The Brewhouse has been a remarkable one. As the owner of 4 Brothers Brewing, witnessing the positive impact it has had on our operations and bottom line has been incredibly rewarding. This technology isn't just about efficiency – it's about crafting an exceptional experience for our guests while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry. So, fellow entrepreneurs, take the plunge, embrace technology, and toast to a future of success in the world of hospitality!

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