Adrian Cubit, founder and owner of 4 Brothers Brewing


Having spent twelve years in the railway, and eventually ending up as a Train Driver, Adrian Cubit knew he wanted a change of pace. “Train Driving is all about shift work, it’s late nights, weekends, Public Holidays, missing family events. And back in 2014, I was working away from home at the time, and I remember sitting in my mining camp room thinking ‘I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 65 years old’”.


Having spent his first few working years out of high school behind the bar at country pubs in the Lockyer Valley he suspected that a move back into hospitality might be just the fix he was looking for. “I always had a lot of fun engaging with customers from behind the bar, and always had a great love for beer. My friends knew that when I was coming over I would likely be bringing some beer that they had never tried before. And most of the time they weren’t fans, it was a different time. At the same time, I had been reading about what was then known as “microbreweries”. I had a little bit of homebrewing experience with my father, and always held on to the dream of one day opening my own brewery.


Then in 2015, after a visit to 4 Hearts Brewing’s newly opened Pumpyard Bar & Brewery, Adrian set about making that dream a reality. “Growing up out in Laidley, you always had Ipswich to the East and Toowoomba to the West. Ipswich now had a brewery servicing their city, and I was left wondering why people in the city of Toowoomba, with it’s large region and high visitor numbers, didn’t yet have a brewery to call their own.


After almost two years of careful planning Adrian opened the doors of 4 Brothers Brewing in April 2017. “Coming up with the name was fairly simple, I’ve got three brothers, and I thought that by calling the business 4 Brothers Brewing, it might motivate my brothers to get involved in the company. But that didn’t really eventuate. Having a limited budget, we opened the brewery with a pretty small system. Just a 200L single-vessel  brewhouse and 525L fermenters and we were able to start selling some beer. There were a few struggles in that first year, but we were able to grow fairly well from that low base, and even during Covid have been able to continue to operate profitably. We’ve managed to win a few medals along the way, but our main focus is to brew a good variety of beers that we and our customers want to drink”


Having now been a part of the Queensland craft beer industry for four years, 4 Brothers Brewing are also putting the finishing touches on their plans for expansion. Adrian confirmed that he has signed a lease which would see a move into a new venue in the Toowoomba CBD. Fit out works have commenced and The Brewhouse is expected to open in June 2021.